Jan 01

We’ve developed this training course because:

We all know how important good people management skills are for any business; but for senior marketers, who are expected to have day to day brand management responsibilities as well as people management, it can be a tricky balancing act which if not managed carefully can negatively impact productivity, quality and team morale.

Providing the tools, tips and know-how on some of the essential skills needed, such as time management, delegation and prioritisation, this course will help senior marketers become proficient managers of both people and their own brands.

Who it’s aimed at:

Primarily targeted at Senior Brand Managers and Marketing Managers, but may also be useful for Brand Managers who demonstrate strong growth potential and may soon become people managers.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater productivity
  • Better employee/manager relations
  • More motivated marketers – through greater job satisfaction

Our training programmes are interactive and involving; we believe that active participation promotes learning and helps retain information. We balance a blend of open discussion with theory and practical sessions.   On this course, the key areas we will cover are:

What we’ll cover

  • Overcoming the challenges regularly faced by marketers
  • How to effectively manage people
  • Managing conflict
  • The art of delegation
  • The art of prioritisation

Format of the course:

1 day interactive workshop (based on up to 8 participants)


£1,800 exc. VAT & Travel / Disbursements

Training Course Outline – Managing People & Brands