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Nov 03

We’re in the midst of planning our 2016 marketing communications plans for our clients – for me, it is one of the most interesting times of the year as it really gets the grey matter going!  Once we’ve agreed the overall brand objectives, we get to work figuring out how best to meet them by taking previous learnings along with any fresh insights and coming up with a strategy we think will work.  Once we have agreed our strategic approach, we then come up with a tactical marketing communications plan that is aligned to the strategy and that we believe will deliver return on investment.

I am a big advocate of critical paths and project planning, so I like to apply this kind of approach to my marketing communications planning – I have therefore created a simple to use activity calendar that provides a snapshot of my annual marketing plan in an easy to digest format.  Not only does this planner keep you on track in terms of implementing the right things at the right time, it also allows you to stay focused and avoid being persuaded into “great deals” by media owners that actually might not be aligned to your strategy!

Please feel free to download this marketing communications planning template for yourself and share with any fellow marketers you think might find it useful. Click here: Progress-Lab-Marketing-Plan-Template