Welcome to The Progress Lab

We are a progressive thinking consultancy, on a mission to make workplaces work better and help people & organisations unleash their potential.
We can help you in the following areas:

Navigating Change

We can help you facilitate effective change programmes that embrace the value and participation of your people

Workplace Well-Being

We can help you by focusing on doing more of what makes a difference

Leadership Development

We help people unleash their potential, with programmes that empower them to do things differently

Coaching for Success

We bring energy, encouragement and empowerment to our coaching conversations

Management Consultancy

Let us solve your business challenges – with a cohesive strategy, business plan and road map to deliver growth

Personal Effectiveness & Impact Training

Our workshop will inspire you to present with confidence, passion and ease

We’re experienced in working across a range of different industries, whether that be with UK, EMEA or Global infrastructures, in both corporate and charitable sectors - so we’re prepared to take on any challenge you might have!

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