Welcome to The Progress Lab

We are a progressive thinking consultancy,
aiming to help ambitious businesses & people unleash their potential.
We can work with you in:

Brand Positioning

Whether it’s creating or re-inventing your brand, we can help you formulate the right positioning strategy

Evaluating New Business Opportunities

We can help you evaluate market opportunities and define launch strategies.

Marketing Communications Planning

We can help you by focusing on doing more of what makes a difference

Management Consultancy

Let us solve your business challenges – with a cohesive strategy, business plan and roadmap to deliver growth

Developing Organisational Culture

We can work with you to crystallise your Company’s mission, vision and values

Personal Development

We help ambitious people unleash their potential, with programmes that empower them to do things differently.

We’re experienced in working with big household brands and also smaller niche brands and with both large and modest marketing budgets – for us size is not important, it’s what you do with it!

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