What We Do

We are on a mission to help you PROGRESS! Whether it’s business strategy, marketing planning or people development, we're here to help. And we’re well connected, so if you require specialist services such as research & insight, creative development & production, PR or media planning, we can help you make the right connections with the best people. We’re commercially minded and insight driven, yet inherently creative, we promise to bring some progressive thinking to your business in the following areas:

Brand Positioning

Need some help really defining what your brand stands for? Or you want to breathe some life into your brand to make it relevant to today’s customer? Whether it’s creating or re-inventing your brand, product or service, we can help you formulate the right positioning strategy.  We’ll help you in defining brand personality, brand promise, core values and key differentiators, which will in turn facilitate your creative direction and marketing communications approach, so to give you the best chance of success.


Evaluating New Business Opportunities

Innovation and new product launches are the life-blood of any business. If you have a parent company or work with a distributor who has new products ready to launch and you need to evaluate their potential for your market, but just don’t have the resource to dedicate to it, we can help –  we are skilled in evaluating market opportunities in order to assess commercial viability and determine what it would take to crack the market.

Marketing Communications Planning

The world of marketing communications is constantly evolving, in the desire to create “360˚ integrated marketing plans” there is a danger you can actually end up diluting your marketing effectiveness by doing too little of too much. We can help you by focusing on doing more of what makes a difference to create real return on investment.  And because we are completely impartial when it comes to advising on the channels and platforms to reach your customers,  we will always provide recommendations based on what’s right for your brand.

Management Consultancy

Do you have a business challenge that needs addressing, but can’t free up internal resource to allocate to solving it? We like to think of ourselves as ‘change-agents’ who can quickly identify key issues and areas of opportunity in order to formulate a cohesive strategy, business plan and roadmap to help you deliver business growth. We’re experienced in providing strategic support and guidance across multiple sectors from consumer goods to charity services; we pride ourselves on bringing fresh thinking and implementable plans that will make the difference you are looking for.

Developing Organisational Culture

People are one of the most valuable assets within your business. The best way to get the most out of your people is to create a business culture that enables them to thrive and live & breathe your brand. We can work with you to crystallise your Company’s mission, vision and values and to develop initiatives to instil them within your team.

Personal Development

We provide specialist training & development programmes for Marketing & Sales professionals, we have a range of existing courses including: Writing Briefs and Assessing Agency Responses; Presenting to Influence with Impact; Commercial Acumen 101How to Effectively Manage People & Brands Simultaneously and The Strategic Thinking Master Class. In addition to these programmes, we can create bespoke workshops tailored to your teams needs. To find out more about our programmes click here.

Plus, we are now facilitating Corporate Well-Being days and bespoke events, focused on nutrition and exercise to re-energise and re-store balance.