What We Do

We are on a mission to help you PROGRESS! Whether it’s business strategy, organisational design and development, or people development. We’re commercially minded, curious in nature and believe in taking an evidenced-based approach, we promise to bring some progressive thinking to your organisation in the following areas:

Change Management

To maintain competitive advantage, organisations need to adapt and be agile – but this is not as easy as it sounds!  Bringing about change can be complex and counter-productive, all too often because the most valuable assets in the organisation are not at the heart of the change proposals – we can help you facilitate change management programmes that embrace the value and participation of your people, by developing and tailoring a process that’s right for you.


Management Consultancy

Do you have a business challenge that needs addressing, but can’t free up internal resource to allocate to solving it? We like to think of ourselves as ‘curious-strategists’ who can quickly identify key issues and areas of opportunity in order to formulate a cohesive strategy, business plan and roadmap to help you deliver business growth. We’re experienced in providing strategic support and guidance across multiple sectors from consumer goods to charity services; we pride ourselves on bringing fresh thinking and implementable plans that will make the difference you are looking for.

Workplace Well-Being

It’s not rocket science – happy, healthy, engaged employees perform better at work!  In order to provide the best working environment for your team, it’s important to understand what resources are important to them to be at their best, whilst understanding and reducing the factors that have the potential to cause unnecessary stress and tension.   Using the Health & Safety Executive Framework (2017), we can help you to establish the stress-related risks within your organisation and recommend interventions to eliminate them.

Leadership Development

We provide specialist training & development and coaching programmes for professionals in Leadership roles; our Agile Leader Programme has been designed to help build competencies in leading motivated high-performing teams – through trust, empowerment & growing others.  The Agile Leader programme can be delivered face to face or virtually over 6 modules and comes highly recommended.  We also offer 1-2-1 coaching programmes for leaders, aimed to helping identity and amplify key strengths in order to help them navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous work-environments they will often find themselves in.


Board & Trustee Effectiveness

People are one of the most valuable assets within your business. The best way to get the most out of your people is to create a culture that enables them to thrive and live & breathe your purpose. The tone from the top is critical in developing organisational culture – we can enhance the capacity and cohesion of your board of directors or trustees through skills reviews and skills building workshops tailored to your needs.

Personal Effectiveness & Impact Training

Rightly or wrongly, we judge a person’s potential within seconds of meeting them, which is a real challenge for individuals who lack in confidence or struggle with nerves.  Our interactive Presenting to Influence with Impact workshop, which is rooted in positive psychology enables participants to develop and refine their powers of persuasion and influence through delivering professional, impactful presentations with passion, confidence and ease.  We also offer workshops to enhance personal effectiveness, with a focus on helping managing work/home conflicts, enhancing productivity through greater prioritisation and boundary management.