Jan 01


We’ve developed this training course because:

The art of excellent presentation skills can unlock opportunities beyond belief.

Marketers need to be able to confidently SELL their ideas in order to gain buy-in from both internal and external audiences, which is critical to the success of any marketing initiative – whether it be a product launch, communications plan or a re-defined brand strategy.

This course enables marketers to develop and refine their powers of persuasion and influence through delivering professional, impactful presentations with passion, confidence and ease.

Who it’s aimed at:

Targeted at all levels of marketing – whether it be those who may be new to presenting, those lacking in confidence or for individuals who regularly struggle to get buy-in when presenting.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater buy-in to marketing initiatives
  • Better internal sell in leads to Sales Teams being better equipped to sell to their customers
  • Improves perception of business professionalism

What we’ll cover:

Our training programmes are interactive and involving; we believe that active participation promotes learning and helps retain information. We balance a blend of open discussion with theory and practical sessions.   On this course, the key areas we will cover are:

  • What makes a good presenter GREAT?!
  • How to engage the audience
  • Overcoming common failings
  • The art of preparation
  • How to pre-empt objections and handling questions
  • Taking feedback and learning through experience

Format of the course:

1.5 day interactive workshop (based on up to 8 participants)


£2,100 exc. VAT & Travel / Disbursements

Training Course Outline – Presenting to influence