Jan 01


We’ve developed this training course because:

In a commercially focused business, it is essential that marketers are able to disseminate information and data effectively in order to determine the best course of action for their brands.

For many marketers, the “analysis and finance” side of the role is perhaps the least glamorous; but arguably one of the most important as it is ultimately what drives business decisions and success.

This course de-mystifies the world of ‘number crunching’ and reinforces the importance of commercial thinking which is needed to support marketing strategies.

Who it’s aimed at:

Primarily targeted at Brand Managers and Senior Brand Managers, but may also be useful for Marketing Managers who feel out of their comfort zone when it comes to analysing data and / or dissecting a P&L.

What are the benefits?

  • Better functional alignment
  • Better thinking behind marketing strategies
  • Stronger commercial acumen amongst the marketing department

What is covered?

Our training programmes are interactive and involving; we believe that active participation promotes learning and helps retain information. We balance a blend of open discussion with theory and practical sessions.   On this course, the key areas we will cover are:

  • How to read data and determine conclusions
  • Getting under the skin of a P&L
  • Business KPI’s
  • Retailer KPI’s
  • Marketing metrics

Format of the course:

1 day interactive workshop (based on up to 8 participants)

Cost£1,800 exc. VAT & Travel / Disbursements

Training Course Outline – Analysis & Commercial Acumen Uncovered