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We’ve developed this training course because:

Poorly constructed briefing documents normally result in poor outputs – or at best, leads to lots of to-ing and fro-ing from client to agency with additional questions and clarification to get to the desired outcome, this ultimately means wasted time and money.

Well thought through and carefully written briefs on the other hand gives your agencies a better chance of getting it right first time, which will take out the frustration from both sides and get to better results quicker and more cost effectively, with less stress along the way.

Who it’s aimed at:

Primarily targeted at Assistant Brand Managers and Brand Managers, but may also be useful for Senior Brand Managers who do not feel they are getting the best out of their agencies and / or have not received any formal training in this area.


  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Better client / agency relations
  • More motivated marketers – job satisfaction from getting it right first time

What we’ll cover:

Our training programmes are interactive and involving; we believe that active participation promotes learning and helps retain information. We balance a blend of open discussion with theory and practical sessions.   On this course, the key areas we will cover are:

  • What makes a good brief & where it’s easy to go wrong
  •   The S.O.S.T.C.E.B.T approach to writing briefs
  •   Putting theory into practice
  •   Assessing responses / agency work
  •   Providing feedback
  •   Keeping your budget under control

Format of the course:

1 day interactive workshop (based on up to 6 participants)


£1,800 (exc. VAT & Travel / Disbursements)

To save a PDF version of this programme summary click here:

Training Course Outline – Writing Briefs & Assessing Agency Responses